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Palomino -

My customer Mrs Duncan purchased a palomino from me, as she thought her horse can be suitable for the palomino color.Palomino, as you know is the yellow-white color, my palomino horse hair also have this character, his bottom is more yellowish.At start, I really don’t know the color of her horse hair. She order the tail by herself, I didn’t have any communication during this time except the confirmation of delivery address. However, after she received the tail, she said:I am very happy with the tail, but it does not match my horse. If you can custom a tail similar...

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Short horse hair -

Just now, the customer Mrs. Scott asked for the pure white horse hair, you know the white is very precious causing that the price is more expensive. I showed the pictures to her about the horse tail. She thought it is great and must be suitable for the horse. However, when we talked about the price, she shook her head and say it is so expensive. I try to tell her the price is much cheaper in this level. But she stick to stop this talking. Suddenly, another idea went to my mind. She is an Australian, many Australians prefer...

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Rubber attachment -

One of my returning customers Mr. Smith told me, he always uses the rubber attachment, as it is easlier to attach.I am so happy it can be introduced to you. As I just said before, all the tails are made by hand, also the whole process is a handwork with the real horse hair.Usually as a customer needs a color, such as the light grey, it is mixed with the black and white, so I need to ask him what the proportion he wants to mix. Some people like our regular mix: black:white=3:7, so I need to choose 30% black...

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