INSTALLATION - Horse Tail Extension

Tail Installation

Please note that there are many ways to attach tails and there are really no wrong ways. The only WRONG way is by wrapping or tying ANYTHING around your horse's tailbone! Many customers have their own methods of attaching tails and they are very different than what we have here.
Again, it is not wrong if you are not doing damage to the tailbone, the tail stays in, and it is “legal” as far as no metals, etc for your breed association.

1. Separate your horse’s real tail into 2 sections, front and back. Clip or rubber band them out of your way. Go about 1 inch up from the bottom of the tailbone on each side of the tailbone. Gather a section of hair about the width of your little finger and braid about 4 inches long on the right side. Rubber band the bottom of the braid. Now do the same on the left side.

2. Take your tail extension and place the top of it against the bottom of the tailbone. Pull both braids through the loop. You should have 2 braids facing you. Cross them over each other making an X and take them back around to the back of the horse's tail. Make a half knot, pull it snug (but not too tight), and bring it back to the front and double knot. Because the braids are made of horsehair, the knot will not get overly tight. Rubber band after tying the knot with a couple of bands to hold them in place.

3. Take electrical tape and wrap it around the knots a few times to be sure the horsehair knots do not come undone. Remove the hair that was banded in the beginning to keep it out of your way and fluff. You should not be able to see the top of the extension or the electrical tape after doing this. Use Showsheen or Lasersheen (any brand will do) in both your horse’s tail and some in the extension to help blend the tails. Use a wide-tooth comb to pick through the tail. Hold the whole tail towards the top while combing at the bottom to prevent pulling out your horse’s tail and also hair from the extension.

The electrical tape is OPTIONAL but helps in the added security that your tail will not fall out if stepped on.
If the extension seems to be getting stuck in between the horse’s back legs while moving, spray some Showsheen on his or her back legs and hocks. This helps for the tail to slide instead of getting hung up between its legs. Also, be sure that your horse’s chestnuts are trimmed and are smooth, otherwise, some of the hair from the extension may get snagged on them and cause the tail to get stuck between his or her legs.
To remove the tail, simply remove the electrical tape, untie the braids, and unbraid the horse’s original tail.


Tail Maintenance

Here is some suggestion for you about how to maintain the horse tail extension! We believe if you keep the horse hair in good condition, the tail will last for several years!

  • Your new tail extension will arrive braided, to remove the waves from the extension, unbraid the tail then spray with Showsheen, let dry, and brush.
  • Always store tail extension hanging or laying flat and in a tail bag or cloth tube sock only. Tails can be stored braided or unbraided.
  • Washing your extension is allowed, but take care to wash only when necessary and take care not to get the overlay wet for extended periods of time.
  • Make sure your tail is dry before putting it away and storing it.
  • Do not leave extensions on your horse overnight.
  • Brush your extensions with a normal human hairbrush…these seem to work best and do less damage.
  • Brush, wash, and basically treat the extension tail the same way you treat your horse's natural tail. Be very gentle to avoid breakage, splitting, and overall damage to the extension.

When brushing through the extension, saturate with Showsheen or a comparable spray to keep extension hairs manageable. Brush through extension hairs while holding the top part of the extension in a tight-fisted hand to absorb the majority of the pulling from the brush. Most importantly DO NOT panic if your tail extension loses some hair! Keep in mind the obvious…these are made of real horsehair and some shedding is normal.

The longevity of your extension is greatly due to proper care and constant conditioning. Always use a leave-in conditioner (spray) in your extension. When washing your extension, choose a good rinse-out conditioner…such as Rio Vista or Mane and Tail.

Tail extensions can become brittle and dry and dull in appearance. This is why it is most important to make every effort to care for and maintain your extension for added life, use, and longevity. Your extension should last years if properly taken care of!

Care, condition, and enjoy!