Y.J TAILS Horse Leg Polo Wraps Soft Fleece Equestrian Polo Bandage Wrap Set of 4pcs

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  • Color: Black, Purple, Yellow, Wine Red, White, Navy Blue
  • Size: 300cm × 12cm; 250cm × 12cm
  • Package: a set of 4pcs
  • Essential Equestrian Products: These polo wraps for horses are a great option for horse protection, support, and comfort. Provides protection and support for the horse's calf muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Mainly used for horse racing competitions, horse training for a long time, or for protection when horses are on duty.
  • Lightweight & Breathable: Lightweight, soft flannel fleece keeps the bandages in shape and provides warmth and protection to the legs. This breathable material prevents heat build-up and promotes healing after injury.
  • Comes with Velcro Design: This horse leg wrap is equipped with touch-and-go adhesive tape, won't loosen and slip, safer in sports.
  • Easy To Use, Easy To Clean, And Store: These horse wraps are machine washable and making them reusable, strong, and wear-resistant. Once the horse bandage is dry, it can be rolled up easily and stored in the tote bag until your next ride.