FAQs - Horse Tail Extension

Here are some frequently asked questions which we summarize from our customers, hope it will be helpful to you! Any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Q1: How do I know how long my tail needs to be?

A: It is best to measure to see how long of a tail your horse needs. Measure from the bottom of the horse’s tail bone to the point you want the tail to end (most people like about mid ankle). Whatever that measurement is in inches, is the length you need give or take an inch or two. It is best to be sure your horse will not step on the tail when backing up, if so, you run the chance of the horse stepping on it and pulling the tail out, more than likely, it will rip out some of the horses real tail where it is attached to the extension.

Q2: What weight tail should I get for my horse?

A: This is a tough one for us to answer for you. We are always happy to try and help answer it, but thickness is pretty well a personal opinion. First of all, how “bushy” do you want the tail to be? Then, think about what classes you will be showing in. If you are in halter or western pleasure, trail, horsemanship, hunter under saddle, etc, then maybe 1Lb is best. Or if your horse has a conformational fault in the hind legs you might want to try and hide a little? Too hocky, holds tail up, cow hocked, etc? Probably a 1Lb tail there too. If you are showing in “working” classes like jumping, cutting, reining, etc, where the tail may get in the way, maybe a 1/2Lb or 3/4Lb would be better for you. Then, there is the LENGTH of the tail. Due to weight distribution, the SHORTER THE TAIL, the THICKER IT IS FOR THE WEIGHT….Like people, take a 5′ person that is 150 lbs. That person is going to look like they weigh more than a 5′ 6″ person, ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE SHORTER THAN THE TALLER PERSON. Same with tails! The longer the tail you buy, the THINNER the look for the weight. So if you need a 30″ tail, it is going to be thicker than a 36″ tail, even though the weight is the SAME. Keep that in mind when you decide too. For those of you who have really tall horses and need that 40-43″ length, a 1/2 lb tail is NOT very thick. We would recommend a 3/4 lb or 1 lb in that length.


Q3: Can I email you a picture of my horse for a recommendation on color?

A: Yes! We would be more than willing to have a look! All we need to see is the tail! If you are going to take pictures specifically to send us, please make sure that your horse is in natural daylight. This allows for the best light and that means a more accurate picture! Then please take two photos: One of a full-length view (rear) of your horse's natural tail. The second photo is a close-up of the tail hairs from the center. This is where it needs to match more closely since it hangs among the hairs under the tail dock. If your horse tail’s color isn’t uniform, maybe you need to take closer photos of the tail top, middle and bottom, then we just can make the best suitable color for you.
These are some thoughts to help you decide what tail you need. We are ALWAYS VERY HAPPY to help, so if we didn’t help you here, please do email us!

Q4: I got my new tail and there are some hairs coming out, why is this happening?

A: Yes, some hair is going to come out. Because it is a NEW tail. The hair comes in 1 lb bundles. Like our hair, not every hair is the exact same length (the longer the more chance some is not the same length). We are talking about REAL horsehair, and not one of my horses has EVERY hair the exact same length…There is only a max of 2 inches at the top that is glued, which leaves 33-35″ (for a 34-36″ tail) that is not glued. What is coming out We assure you is NOT glued hair. It is hair that was not long enough to be glued. After it all comes out, it won’t happen anymore. Brushing thru it is ok. The hair that is loose and was never glued will come out and the rest will be fine.

Q5: Can I brush or dye the tail as my own preference?

A: They are all-natural horsehair, you can treat it as your own horse tail hair. You may brush, dye just as you like. However, it is our suggestion that if you want to dye, please tell us, we can help to make a color just as your ideal. Not dye, just pick out your needed colors then make it, as we have the professional skill and do no harm to the hairs. (unless you may need the colorful kind!)


Q6: How is the horse hair obtained? Do you have proof of where it comes from? Want to make sure I’m not buying from some slaughter house or cruelty ridden lot. thanks!

A: All of our tails feature 100% real horse hair collected from live Mongolia top quality horses. We never slay the horses, as the horse tail hair, it is just like our human hairs, when it becomes long, we just help them cut it. So please don’t worry!

Q7: Is there any problem sending the tail to Australia?

A: Please set your mind at rest, in the past ten years we have direct selling our tails to the end users not only from Australia but all over the world and received their consistent satisfaction. We do guarantee our work and would like every customer to be satisfied 100%. See our shop policy…

Q8: Is it easy to pass the customs?

A: Every custom of every country is different, some customs need to take much more time to clear, but some are very fast. Actually, the customs clearance problems happened rarely in the past years, if it comes across to you, please don’t worry, we will resend a new one to you without any charge.

Q9: Why some tails you call false tail, and some are tail extension? What’s the difference between “tail extension” and “false tail”?

A: The “tail extension” is the same as the “false tail”. We write like this is just because of the cultural difference of many countries. Such as Americans like to call it “horse tail extension”, but Australians prefer to call “false tail”. So there is not any difference.